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Message from the Chairman
JiuZhiIs a company specializing in the production of aluminum electrolytic capacitor with electrolyte, long business philosophy is: "xingjia of great powers, day line, the gentleman with unyielding; relief kun, the gentleman hold world with virtue". Company uphold the "integrity, professional, environmental protection, service" to provide clients with unique products and the perfect solution. Long to make the company have a clearly defined customer thinking from the start, the customer oriented marketing idea has infiltrated into the long system of the whole management team. Along with the development of the company continuously, we will continue to provide customers with good product quality and service, especially according to our professional and technical personnel to provide professional solutions.
System of 13 years, the company by a small micro enterprises to develop into industry leading companies in an all-round way. The company one of the most key to success is our team's efforts. We unite as one, positive, continuous learning, dare to dare to do, professional, pragmatic, we depend on is not only capital, pay more attention to talents, people-oriented. In recent years, the phase transformation and upgrading of our long system of the company we will continue to work hard for the customer as the guide, keep customer requirements to develop new products according to the market, build a solid team, cultivate a group of professional talents. The core competencies of the company is a professional technical and marketing talents, excellent team and complete organization responsibilities. We constantly explore and cultivate high quality talent team, established a good innovation mechanism.
2015 years is our company is full of hope of a year, we are actively working to develop new customers, our business continues to grow, these achievements benefit from the support of our customers, suppliers and friends, is also the result of the long system to the hard work of pay, to take this opportunity, I to the long-term support and care for our customers, leading, and supply chain as well as friends and colleagues to express my heartfelt thanks!
In the second half of 2015, we are trying to preparations for the "new three board" listed on the job, plan at the beginning of the 2016 years to complete the "new three board" listings. Finally wish long system company in the future career to the next level. Thank you all!